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“Best Live TV Streaming Services”

Online streaming is done on different apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, prime, etc. There are many online channels that entertain us with online movies etc. Many people like online TV streaming and they are finding good packages and bundles and they want that package or bundle which is reliable and has good services. They are finding a package that does not interrupt their streaming. They need a package in which they can do online streaming and can also watch channels.

There are many options for these packages and bundles. Different internet providers provide different packages and bundles which provide online TV streaming services. In this article, we will guide you about good and cheap packages of online streaming services and TV channels. We will tell you Which provider provides you with which services.

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“YouTube TV”

  • Company: YouTube TV 
  • US news rating: 4.2
  • Monthly fees: 64.99 dollars and up 
  • Ad-free app: no 
  • Number of channels: 85+

YouTube TV is a company name. It provides online streaming apps and channels. YouTube TV is an app on which you can do online streaming. Its starting price is 64.99 dollars per month and this price increases with the increase of channels and streaming services. Its US news rating is 4.2 review stars and it is a good rating. This app is not free from ads. When you open this app different ads will appear on your screen. It also provides TV channels. It provides 85+ channels. 

“Hulu + live TV”

  • Company: Hulu 
  • US news rating: 4.0
  • Monthly fees: 64.99 dollars and up
  • Ad-free: optional 
  • Number of channels: 75+

Hulu is a company that provides services of online streaming and it also provides channels. Starting price of the Hulu + live TV plan is 69.99 dollars per month and it increases. The US news rating of Hulu is 4.0 review stars. The good thing about this is there is an option for whether you want to watch ads or not. It is optional. It provides 75+ channels in this plan. 


  • Company: FuboTV 
  • US news rating: 3.8
  • Staring monthly price: 64.99 dollars and up 
  • Ad-free: No 
  • Number of channels: 96+

FuboTV is also a company that offers online TV streaming and TV channels in its plan. Starting price of the FuboTV plan is 64.99 dollars per month and it goes up. Its US news rating is 3.8 review stars. It is not an ad-free app. Ads appearing on this app. It provides 96+ TV channels. If you are looking for a cheap package then you can choose FuboTV but its customer rating is a little bit less than the above-mentioned competitors. 

“Sling TV” 

  • Company: sling TV 
  • US news rating: 3.8
  • Starting monthly price: 35 dollars and up 
  • Ad-free: no 
  • Number of channels: 30+

Sling TV is a cheap provider. It also provides online TV streaming services and TV channels but it provides less number of TV channels. So if you can compromise with less TV channels and you want a cheap plan then you can choose it. Its starting price is 35 dollars per month and it increases. It provides 30+ TV channels. The US news rating of sling TV is 3.8 review stars. Ads also appear on this app because it is not an ad-free app. 


  • Company: Philo 
  • US news rating: 3.7
  • Starting monthly price: 25 dollars 
  • Ad-free: no
  • Number of channels: 64

Philo provides a cheap plan. Its plan price is too low. If you are looking for the cheapest online TV streaming and TV channels plan then Philo is the best option for you. Its US news rating is low. It is about 3.7 review stars. Its starting price is 25 dollars per month and it increases on. The ads scene is the same, ads appear on this app because it is not an ad-free app. It provides only 64 TV channels. So if this suits you and it meets your needs then the Philo plan is best for you because it is the cheapest plan. 

“Directv streaming”

  • US news rating: 3.8
  • Starting monthly price: $69.99–$149.99/mo.
  • Ad-free: no
  • Number of channels: 65–140+

Directv is a good provider and known for its good services. This plan of DirecTV, provides online TV streaming and provides TV channels. Starting price of the DirecTV streaming app is 69.99 dollars to 149.99 dollars per month. It provides a good range of TV channels. It provides 65 to 140+ TV channels. But ads also appear because it is not ad-free. US news rating of DirecTV streaming is 3.8 review stars. Directv is a good option if you can afford an expensive plan. Its services are reliable and good. 

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