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Japanese Scissors

Vote on which nation produces the best hair cutting shears professional and high-quality goods and a good percentage will respond to Japan.

Over the past few decades, Japan has gained a reputation for producing high-tech, durable and sophisticated products. Japan’s manufacturing is world-renowned in a wide range of industries, including robotics, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, swords, and scissors.

Some of Japan’s neighbors have won manufacturing jobs based on their low labor costs, while Japan has won on innovative product design and high quality. When the world wants the best, it looks to Japan to create it. And scissor tech is no different.

High-quality Japanese steel

With Japanese materials and equipment, you know what you’ll get. There is nothing wrong with using second-class products. No, the Japanese have a reputation for maintaining it. They take great pride in turning the best raw materials into high-performance products.

Why Are Japanese Scissors Better Quality?

It’s simple, the Japanese know their samurai swords and scissors. For 700 strange years, Japanese artisans have been honing their blacksmith skills. Whether it’s samurai or hairdressing scissors, the talented Japanese bladesmith knows how to get an extremely sharp blade that lasts a long time.


The VG10 is known for its super steel and cutlery grade because it was designed by Japanese Scissors chefs. VG is short for vanadium and gold.

VG’s Rockwell hardness ranges from 59 to 61 because of its high carbon content and cobalt content. VG10 scissors are popular because they maintain sharp blades and for their durability. With VG10 it is possible to get a sharper edge than many other types of steel.

Damascus Steel

Another advanced form of steel is made using Damascus, layering, or laminating techniques. The steel is bonded 15-17 times to form about 5000 small layers of steel. Known in Japan as Tajiuso, this skill has been passed down from generation to generation.

The layering technique forms fine wood grains or watermarks on the surface of the scissors. The layers provide strength and flexibility and provide a gentle closing of the blade.

Why is Japanese steel hair best for scissors?

After all these years of making and sharpening swords, scissors, and Shears, Japanese artisans know which is the best steel to make high-quality blades that last longer. Consumers around the world are willing to pay the most for the best quality products.

The Japanese hair cutting shears Canada sold in our online store are made by two of the country’s largest steel producers, Hitachi and Aichi.

Hitachi Metals.

Hitachi Metals continues the ancient tradition of making standard blades. This also manufactures products for the automotive, infrastructure, and electronics industries.

Aitchison Steel Corporation

Aitchisel Corporation manufactures high-quality specialty steel, stainless steel, forged products, electromagnetic products, tool steel, stainless steel, and stainless steel/titanium for a variety of industries, including shipbuilding, automotive, dental, agriculture, and electronics.

What are the best brands of Japanese scissors?

Aside from a German brand, SurgiCorp only stores Japanese scissors worldwide. We believe that Japanese steel is the best when it comes to professional hair scissors and shears.


We consider the SurgiCorp brand to be the first of its kind in Japan with high precision and the best hair cutting shears. Just pick up a pair of SurgiCorp scissors, and the design and quality are all at a glance.

The SurgiCorp brand uses several different Japanese sheets of steel in its product range, including the Damascus Steel Shears and Silver Swarovski Crystals ranges.

Explore the three scissors available in the SurgiCorp collection:

  1. Dragon Professional Texturizing Scissors
  2. Raimu Professional Haircutting Scissors
  3. Washi Gold Professional Haircutting shears 6


We consider Matsui to be the premier brand in Japanese high precision hair shares. As you pick up a pair of Matsui scissors, the design and quality become clear. The Matsui brand uses a few different Japanese sheets of steel in its range, including collections of Aichi Mountain Steel, Damascus Steel Shears, and The Silver Swarovski Crystals.


You’re sure to find well-made Japanese scissors at a brand that’s been making scissors for over 100 years. The award-winning design and hand-finished scissors provide professional hairdressers and barbers with the sharpest cuts possible.

sozu scissors

Apprentice hairdressers and barbers may not be able to afford top-of-the-line scissors, but the Sozu brand allows them to enjoy the benefits of Japanese-made scissors without paying a hefty price tag.

What Japanese scissors are handmade?

All of our Japanese scissor blades are handmade because the machines cannot replicate the craftsmanship. The history of Japanese swords dates back to the 4th and 5th centuries AD. So it’s no surprise that Japanese swordsmiths and knife smiths are some of the best in the business.

Can I buy Japanese scissors online?

Yes, you can buy Japanese scissors online at Scissor Tech. We have one of the largest online stores for Japanese hair clippers and scissors. You are sure to find the best scissors for you here. Check out our three series.

  1. SurgiCorp
  2. Matsui
  3. Joewell
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