Benefits Of Tuberose Essential Oil

Tuberose is a relatively unknown name in the realm of herbal medicine but tuberose essential oil benefits are far and wide-reaching. Indeed, it is quite popular and reasonably priced among perfume creators. Its blossom has a lovely smell that is active only at night, which is when this flower blooms. As a result, tuberose is also known as Night Queen, Mistress of the Night, or Raat ki Rani in Hindi. It grows well in Central America and India and is in high demand for perfume production in the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, and Africa.

Polianthes tuberosa is its scientific name, and its essential oil is produced from its blooms using a solvent extraction process. Tuberose essential oil has the following ingredients: benzyl alcohol, butyric acid, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, methyl benzoate, menthyl anthranilate, and nerol.

Tuberose Essential Oil Health Benefits

This Essential Oil Has The Following Therapeutic Characteristics.

Improves Libido

This oil acts as an aphrodisiac, therefore justifying its romantic and sensual titles such as Night Queen and Mistress of the Night. It is often used as an aphrodisiac in both aromatherapy and herbal medicine. The very powerful, rich, and enticing floral aroma created with tuberose essential oil fills the air with romance and creates an atmosphere of love. This oil has been shown to be particularly useful in the treatment of frigidity and a lack of desire. Certain components of this essential oil activate the areas of the brain responsible for arousal and sexual sensations. They desire to be used in aromatherapy or taken orally (oral ingestion of this oil is extremely unusual due to the fragrance).

It also soothes the mind, which is necessary for effective sex because anxiety and stress are two of its main enemies. Furthermore, it has a warming impact on the organs since it stimulates blood circulation, which aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Removes Bad Odor

This essential oil, which is well-known for its usage in fragrances, needs no explanation as to its function as a deodorant. The rich, powerful, and long-lasting floral smell is a great option for a deodorant, which is why it is so popular in countries with hot and humid climates, where perspiration and body odor are common.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

This oil’s pleasant scent and different chemical components offer calming effects on the brain, nerves, and muscles. It relieves stress, tension, anxiety, sadness, rage, nerve disorders, convulsions, cramps, spasmodic coughs, and diarrhea.

Inflammation Is Sedated.

This essential oil is useful for sedating inflammations, particularly those of the neurological and respiratory systems. However, in order to have this sedative effect, it must be administered at a somewhat high dilution. Animal studies published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity show that tuberose is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Tuberose essential oil boosts and enhances blood circulation throughout the body, causing it to warm up. This action reduces the sensation of cold in the winter, keeps the respiratory system warm, avoids the accumulation of phlegm and catarrh, stimulates activity, and aids in the treatment of sexual diseases.

Other Advantages

In addition to the advantages listed above, this essential oil may be used to maintain the skin free of infections and fissures, in-hair oils (this is not for everyone and may induce headaches), to counter nausea, and to lessen the desire to vomit and the impact of bad odors in certain places.


It is non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing. However, because it has such a powerful and deep perfume, it can produce headaches and be mildly irritating to the nerves when used in larger concentrations. As a result, extremely low dosages should be utilized for availing the greatest benefits.


Tuberose essential oil is usually found combined with Jojoba essential oil because its aroma is very powerful and overbearing in its pure form. It also combines well with bergamot, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, lavender, mandarin, neroli, orange, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, and vetiver essential oils.

Tuberose Absolute is a beautiful, aromatic flower oil that is commonly used in perfumery and natural fragrancing. It mixes wonderfully with various floral absolutes and essential oils, as well as essential oils from the wood, citrus, spice, resinous, and earthy families.

Tuberose is not well recognized in herbal medicine, but it is commonly utilized in perfume making because of the entrancing aroma it emits when it blooms at night. Tuberose is also known as the Night Queen, Mistress of the Night, and Raat ki Raani. Polianthes Tuberosa is the scientific name for it. It is in high demand for perfume production in Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent. The essential oil is extracted from the flowers via solvent extraction. It might be used in a diffuser or mixed with massage oil, creams, or bath water. Tuberose-based fragrances are highly pricey and spectacular.


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