Evaluate the happiness with ADIB personal loan calculator  

ADIB personal loan calculator  

If you are planning to obtain a personal loan in UAE with a reasonable rate of interest and affordable terms. So, the best recommendation would be the Abu Dhabi Islamic bank of UAE. This bank is very famous due to its Islam-oriented financial services. Where you will get every top financial product but within the boundaries of Islam. Adib follows the strict sharia constitutions and will not give you loans without implementation of these Islamic rules. Adib also gives you the facility of a loan calculator, so that you can easily calculate the monthly payments that you will pay regularly.  

Because of the Islamic banking system, Adib will give you a personal loan at the lowest rate of interest. People of UAE are always trying to find out a way, through which they can get a loan in very easy installments. And at the same time with a lower interest ratio. This bank will provide you both facilities with many other special advantages. Adib will provide you an interest that is not based on a constant ratio, it will be a reducing or fluctuating ratio of interest.    

Major specialties of ADIB   


  • Amount  

First of all, if we talk about the loan amount for locals and outsiders, both are changed. If you have a national identity and live as a UAE local, you will get a personal loan of about 3 million AED. On the other hand, if you are an expat, Adib will give you a loan of up to 1 million AED. This difference is existing due to various reasons of nationality.  

  • Processing fee

People usually ask about the early settlement fee or any kind of processing charge. So, for their kind information, Adib normally charges the fee of processing, which is almost about 1% not more than that.  

  • Installments  

The next vastly asked question is about the installments and the method of calculation through Adib personal loan calculator. The time limit that Adib gives to consumers is up to 48 months for the repayment. Adib also gives you an option through which you can avail the chance of delaying your two installments. Yes, you can delay the repayment only 2 times in a year, but you can not exceed the limit of the cycle.   

  • Interest  

The ratio for the interest is not constant and comprises the fluctuation, the starting rate is about 6%.  

  • Documents

A candidate must bring a valid ID with copies of their visa and passport. Other things are also essential like a salary certificate, work experience letter, driving license, pay record, credit history, etc.  

  • Calculator  

Adib is giving you the online loan calculator facility, through which you can calculate your loan comfortably at home. With Adib personal loan calculator you will have to add your data about a personal loan. The online loan calculator consists of three basic sections or blanks that you have to fill. Add your loan amount, than total duration limit, and in the end, add the rate of interest. After adding these three things calculate the EMI by pressing calculate button, and you will obtain your monthly installment amount.  

  • card benefit  

Adib is also providing a facility of various cards with personal loan like cashback, signature cards, etc. These cards will facilitate their customers and motivate them also.   

  • Salary limit 

To get the personal loan via Adib, make sure your salary should be up to 8000 AED.  

  • Age limit  

If you are 21 years old so you will be eligible for a personal loan in Adib. The maximum limit would be up to 60 years for the residents and 65 years for the expatriates.

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