5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Decorating Your First Apartment

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The adrenaline and joy of buying your first apartment can push you to make some crazy decisions, like going on a home decor splurge or buying furniture for the new home without measuring any corner. And we get it, buying your first apartment is a pretty big deal and the excitement can be a bit blinding. So, we are here to warn you of some mistakes that you will be tempted to make during your shopping trips, especially if your apartment lacks the basic stuff—after all, you will need a space to sit, eat and sleep!

Even with the best taste in the world, you cannot curate a great interior design and home decor aesthetic in a day. It takes time, research, persistence, and the willingness to live in slight discomfort until you find the right pieces. Therefore, even though the resin tables on the internet seem mind-blowing and that king-size bed seems too comfortable – don’t be too quick in making these decisions – otherwise, you will end up with an apartment filled with regrets.

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Mistake #1: Buying All Furniture in one goes

If your apartment doesn’t come with basic furnishing, it’s understandable that you would want to fill your space with basic furniture. However, buying everything from bed, couch to a lounge chair in one go will turn into a regret soon, when you will see the bill. Furniture is expensive and since you have already made a big investment with your apartment, it is recommended you take it slow. Instead of racing out to buy the best furniture online or offline, list what’s essential, and create a budget, try not to cross it.

Make purchases in order of importance. If you desperately need a couch then, sure, get one, but don’t go ahead and also invest in a coffee table, accent tables, chairs, dining table, and everything else at the same time. Research trends, explore different designs, shapes, and your aesthetic before buying even a plant stand.

Mistake #2: Filling your Space Too Quickly

Social media can make you rush into some regrettable purchases—from Instagram to Pinterest, the aesthetic products on these photo-sharing websites are sometimes too good to be true. And because small home decor items tend to be much more affordable than furniture and other accessories, we tend to buy them without any thought that creates a cluttered look, and you end up with a maximalist look that you didn’t intentionally choose.

From rugs to accessories and lighting – avoid buying things on impulse. Consider decorating each room with a design harmony that connects each piece and interior. The best way to do so is by creating a decorating plan! Before scrolling through different home decor online stores, decide on a spending budget. Then select them, based on your furniture and wall colors to determine what will suit your lifestyle and home best and make investments accordingly. If you are a messy person, put a few storage boxes and jewellery storage box on your tables. If you like art, explore different artifacts, sculptures, and wall decor online. But make sure to buy these home accessories after checking their size specifications.

Mistake #3: Buying All Accessories at Once

The cardinal rule of decorating tells you that you shouldn’t buy everything at once from just one place—including furniture, furnishings, and accessories. Sure, the idea of buying everything for your home from IKEA in one visit seems great, but it will make your space look like a catalog of that brand. Home accessories are used to reflect the resident’s personality and should be selected with a little more thought and precision. Decorative table accents are what give your home a personal feel. So, select knick-knacks that tell a story or reflect your journey, preferences, and dreams.

Mistake #4: Buying Cheap Accessories

After the big bucks you spend on your apartment, it’s understandable that you have a small budget left for accessories. Most people have dealt with this issue, and have regretted the home decor products that they have bought from their local flea markets. While it’s natural for you to buy decoration accessories as inexpensively as possible, they will definitely look as cheap as their price. So, focus on quality instead of quantity, and make sure to shop things with longevity in mind. We are sure you don’t want your otherwise expensive new apartment to look cheap.

Mistake #5: Settling for Generic Home Decor Items

A lot of us make the mistake of buying home decor stuff from e-commerce websites, and then get mad when we see our aunts, neighbors, and friends flexing the same piece. These basic designs are great for home decoration but if you are looking for something eccentric and out of the box, we recommend you to explore handmade products and sustainable home decor brands, as they have some of the most innovative and eclectic designs.

This is a big change and moment in your life, so take it slow, and select each piece after a thorough reach and thought. For exploring a wide range of contemporary home decor items online go to www.casadecor.co.in!  

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