5 Emerging Trends in Web Application Development

Trends in Web Application Development

The internet is an ever-changing landscape, and the way applications are developed has to keep up with this. Every year new technologies emerge, giving developers more options and making it easier for them to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends in web development. Here are five emerging trends you should keep an eye on in 2022.

1. Cloud Computing for Better ROI

Cloud computing is a way to access software, storage, and other services on the internet. The cloud can enable businesses to save money by using less hardware and software, saving time by having less maintenance and upgrades, and saving energy by using fewer servers. Cloud computing solutions are also easy to implement, which helps save both money and time.

Cloud migration is on the rise, and that’s why cloud-based software is becoming more popular. For example, Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services to help you store and manage data in the cloud. It also has tools for developers to make their applications more secure and scalable.

2. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) can be defined as web pages that act like native applications. They load instantly and work offline. They are also easy to install, update and uninstall. You can access PWAs on any device, including browsers and native apps. The best thing about them is that you don’t need to install anything on your phone because they run in a web browser.

Businesses love PWAs as they are much more cost-effective than native applications. They also help in increasing user engagement and improving conversion rates. Equipping yourself with the right tools to create a PWA is essential. You can use a platform like React or Vue or build your framework. Google has also come up with its toolkit called Polymer 2.

3. Single Page Applications Enhancements

Single Page Applications (or SPAs) are web applications that load a single HTML page and dynamically generate the rest of the page on the fly. They can be used to create mobile-friendly websites as well as web applications. For example, Google Docs is a SPA because it loads only one HTML page that dynamically generates all necessary functionality within that single webpage.

As a technology trend, SPAs have been around for quite some time but recently gained popularity with frontend development frameworks such as ReactJs or AngularJs because they simplify user interface development significantly by moving logic from the server and into JavaScript code running directly on the client side. This makes SPAs easier for developers who aren’t familiar with backend development languages like Java or PHP, making them especially attractive for companies looking for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or usability!

4. Mobile and Cross-Platform App Development

Mobile applications are the future of web application development. If you’re not creating a mobile app, your competition will likely develop one.

It’s no secret that native code languages like Objective-C and Swift have successfully built native iOS apps. If your company plans to release an iOS app, you should consider using these languages for faster development times and better performance on Apple devices. However, other platforms, such as Android or Windows 10 Mobile, require different programming languages, such as Java or C#.

Because of this cross-platform reality, there has been an explosion in hybrid frameworks which allow developers to use the same language across all their projects instead of having separate codebases for each platform (an example would be React Native). This makes it easier for developers who want only one language throughout their project but still need support from multiple platforms (iOS vs. Android).

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, enabling these objects to connect and exchange data.

IoT continues a long trend in computer hardware toward greater specialization and networking. In addition to their roles as stand-alone entities, such as personal computers or smartphones, these devices can be linked using web services with other self-contained systems like sensors to collect and exchange data that enable them to sense their surroundings or perform actions without human input.

As such, IoT will have a huge impact on web application development because it uses cloud computing infrastructure that allows organizations to scale up quickly when demand increases while also reducing costs associated with maintaining large IT departments. As more businesses move towards these new technologies, skilled developers will need to understand how they work together effectively so they can continue driving innovation forward even further than before.


With so many new ways to create applications, staying up-to-date on these trends is crucial and ensuring that your business is prepared for the future. As with any new technology, there will be some growing pains along the way, but businesses should follow their gut when deciding whether something is worth trying out or not. Remember: if you’re not willing to try something new, someone else will!

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