5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Barbershop

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Haircare is an essential part of self-care. Your hair is what people notice first when they see you. But despite the high demand for this service, you may be wondering whether your small business can become a thriving barbershop.

As with any other business, there are a few ways you can improve your barbershop business and run a successful shop.

1. Use captivating digital signage

Humans are visual beings. Digital signage can help increase foot traffic and boost sales. It also increases brand awareness as it reaches potential customers. You can use digital signage to list prices, shaves, cuts, and other services.

Using digital signage at the point of sale can make your clients buy extra items that they did not know they needed. It is among the barbershop marketing ideas that work effectively.

You can also share testimonials of happy clients or promote monthly specials with digital signage.

2. Re-book your customers

It can be frustrating waiting for your clients to call, text, or walk in. To improve your barbershop, book new customers and re-book existing clients through an appointment system. You will grow a consistently booked schedule if you apply this tip.

The best way to achieve a fully booked month is to set your customer’s appointment after they pay. This approach is more convenient for them, and it ensures you have one haircut after four weeks. If you follow this booking system for every client for a month, you will be fully booked the next month.

Every new client had their previous barber. So, if you do not want to get left behind by clients, go on and book their next haircut for them. Use an online booking system. You can try a few software to see which works best for your shop.

Ensure the software is user-friendly and accurate. An app for mobile devices is the best as it is easy to use. Once the system is in place, ensure to enforce it thoroughly and don’t fall back into the calls and text messages system.

For walk-ins, give them your business card and tell them to book an appointment. If people call or text, direct them to your booking site. This booking system allows you to be confident in your schedule and helps you build a rigid client base.

3. Advertise your business

Marketing can be challenging, especially when you do not know where to begin. So the first marketing tip is to position your local business correctly.

The best way to attract customers is to show them how you solve their problems. Show them how your haircare services will boost their self-esteem and how it will make them feel and look, and they will flood your shop.

You need to position yourself such that the customer experience is your top priority, ensuring you give them the best haircut services. If your main focus is money, your clients will know it from the first impression and leave you as someone who cares about hair.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset allows you to care about your clients and never worry about money again. Then, once you position yourself, spread the message on social media posts and ads, press kits, and blog posts.

Also, educate your clients through blog posts and social media, like on your Facebook page. For example, post topics on haircut suggestions, hair styling tips, or fashion advice. This marketing strategy rewards you handsomely in the long run and gives you an online presence.

Word of mouth will also work in your favor through referrals. Once you internalize proper positioning, word-of-mouth advertising will put your brand name out there, and you will have a successful barbershop.

4. Keep learning

If you stop learning, you stop growing. Settling for the current knowledge you have means you will get left behind as your competitors grow. For instance, you can learn how to cut and groom long hair. Gone are the days when the only way men wore their hair was short haircuts. With a more progressive culture, old-school barbers need to keep learning to remain relevant and keep up with the latest trends.

Haircut styles are also evolving. So, you can learn through YouTube, but traveling is the best way to advance your skills. If a high-level educator or stylist is traveling, reach out and ask for a private workshop. This in-person hands-on experience helps you understand information better.

5. Use email marketing

Although many think Instagram is the best way to reach clients, it shows your content to only  10% of your followers. On the other hand, email marketing is effective and efficient as it delivers your content directly to your clients. An email goes to 100% of your audience and informs them of new products, new hairstyling tips, and any other content you find relevant to the barbering industry.

You already have your clients’ emails using the booking system discussed earlier. Once you have the emails, use an email system like Mailchimp.

The best method to send out emails is the three gives for one ask. That means you send out three emails with tutorials or information for every one email you send to ask them for something. This helps in building trust with your customers.


Always strive to learn, grow and win. Using one or all of these tips will ensure you break through the glass ceiling your business has been trapped under, and you will see real growth in your own barbershop.


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